AZ Region Girl’s Club Results

The 2015-2016 season was home to 337 Club division teams. There were 85 teams in the 16 Club Division, a whopping 170 teams in the 14 Club Division, and followed up by 82 teams in the 12 Club Division. We’ve taken only the top 15 teams in each category.

Girl’s 16U Division 2015-2016

AZ Region Girl's Club 16U Division Results

Our first RUSH Volleyball Club team competed in the 16U Club Division and placed 29th out of 85 teams. We played many of the top teams in the list above -including a win over #3 Mesa 16’s! We were pleased with the process that our team went through this first year. As much fun as it is to win it is more important to develop great athletes whose desire and passion enjoy competitive Volleyball for many years to come. As we focus on the process we believe that the score will take care of itself.

Girl’s 14U Division 2015-2016

AZ Region Girl's Club 14U Division Results


Girl’s 12U Division 2015-2016

AZ Region Girl's Club 12U Division Results


We’re excited for Desert Stars 16 Kingman, SAVA 14 Black, and AZ Storm 12 Thunder that their hard work, talent, and great coaching led them to these Division titles!